Jowita Penkala

Health and wellbeing have been my life’s passion since I was a young girl: by the age of 10 I had undergone three major surgeries and survived against all odds.

Later, having suffered still more with some chronic health conditions – Western medicine seemed to offer little hope of a cure - I decided to search for an alternative and more holistic solution to my problems: it took 20 years to find.


After experiencing The Zenni Method, I immediately began to see rapid improvement in my chronic conditions, so much so that I felt compelled to investigate further, finally deciding that I needed to introduce The Zenni Method to a wider, European audience.

It has already been used to great success on thousands of people in Australia, Poland, Canada, the USA and Norway over the last 30 years. Now, YOU can learn more about The Zenni Method and look forward to enjoying a better quality of life.

Act now, time is precious!

I am a member of West London Therapy Hub