Start your journey towards better health

Do you suffer with a chronic health condition? Do you get ill frequently?

Now that we are all living longer, evidence has shown that big part of our lives exists in a state of poor health.

The Zenni Electrostimulation Method can be instrumental in changing outcomes in a positive way.

It was patented in Australia in 1990. It is a unique, innovative and non-invasive way of dealing with life’s health challenges from various types of thyroid diseases, asthma, allergies, stroke related issues to prostate problems, Parkinson, hormonal imbalance, joint and muscle problems and others.

By aiding to improve electrochemical processes between the brain and other glandular organs, using diadynamic and galvanic currents, the method stimulates the body so that it can ‘autoregulate’ more effectively, and subsequently can lead to restoring internal harmony, balance and, in doing so, can have beneficial effect on health.


"Having had an ultrasound done, which confirmed three nodules on my thyroid and enlarged gland, I decided to undergo the electrostimulation method. After several sessions, another ultrasound scan showed that one of the nodules had disappeared and the other two had decreased in size."

Ewa K.

"A few years ago I was diagnosed with high blood sugar and high blood pressure. A few days after the first session my blood sugar decreased from 10.5 to 7.9, but only temporarily. After further 10 treatment sessions, my blood sugar decreased further to 6.9 and my blood pressure decreased from 140/95 to 120/70. Thank you SO much!"

Michael F.

"The Electro Stimulation Treatment was instrumental in ridding me of a persistent breast cyst which had been part of my 'being' for around 20 years. However, to my utter amazement, it totally disappeared, along with a 15 year back pain problem, after just four treatments leaving me feeling somewhere between stunned and amazed, it really did…"

Princess H.

Time is precious, act now and transform your life!